This hypnotherapy recording package features 10 MP3 audio downloads including traditional hypnotherapy session, two different visualization sessions and 4 different versions of suggestions only recordings.

These 3 different hypnotherapy recordings each have versions for returning to being fully alert and versions for sleeping deeply through the night.

There are also 4 recordings that feature just the healing suggestions which you can play as background as you go about your day.

The subconscious communicates to us through the language of imagery, emotions and symptoms. To communicate back to our subconscious mind we can also use imagery and emotions but also powerful words. As Dr. Andrew Newberg, M.D., wrote in his book Words Can Change Your Brain: A single word has the power to influence the expression of genes that regulate physical and emotional stress.

In hypnotherapy we use all these communication tools to effect change in your belief patterns which we then see manifest in our physiology.


  • Traditional Hypnotherapy Session (2 Recordings)

    Featuring Immune Strengthening Suggestions and Nature Visualization
    (both Count Out + Sleep versions)

  • 2 Specialized Visualizations (4 Recordings)

    A) Magnificent Kingdom (Immune System) / Powerful Knights (White Blood Cells)
    (both Count Out + Sleep versions)

    B) All-Powerful Octopuses (T-Cells, NK Cells) / Spiral Staircase (DNA Double Helix)
    (both Count Out + Sleep versions)

  • Suggestions Only Recordings (4 Recordings)

    A) Voice Only
    B) Subliminal – Ocean Waves
    C) Subliminal – Guitar and Nature
    D) Subliminal – Bansuri Flute