“My hypnotherapy sessions with Craig feel safe and empowering.

“During sessions with him, his voice and manner is reassuring and calm. He is consistently on time and prepared. His attention to detail and ability to access effective techniques is professional-level. He is able to provide recordings to use on my own.

“Craig has brought me in touch with healing – not through my cognitive senses, but through yielding to the images of healing, by making empowering suggestions to my subconscious mind, and through hearing reassurances of well-being.

“Since starting hypnotherapy sessions I have been more aware of tapping into my subconscious mind when doing my artwork. I have been able to become more focused and productive as an artist.”

– Sue Wright


“I really enjoyed the sessions I have had with Craig. They have inspired a new vision and purpose in my awareness. The regression helped me understand the deeper meaning behind my current connection to those I love, the world around me and my desires. I feel more joy, optimism and empowerment as I continue my goal achievement. His voice and resonance lend a very soothing quality to the session which I enjoyed as well.-

– Darlene Bridges


“I had a lot of worry and fear about an important exam. Craig guided me through a process to identify the inner skills necessary to erase my fear. We then created and programmed positive beliefs and the necessary action steps to create my desired outcome. I went into the exam feeling calm, relaxed and confident, and did exceeding well. Thank you Craig!”

– William Delmore


“I came to see Craig because I lacked self-confidence, and had difficulty relating to people at work. After working with him for the past month, I am more comfortable with other people and feel secure and competent at work. Craig taught me self-hypnosis which I practice daily. I am so exited to use this powerful tool, and am grateful that he took the time to teach me, as I am now taking greater and greater control of my destiny.”

– James Lanier


“The awakening of my subconscious mind through hypnotherapy has helped ease my headaches. I take less medication now. Healing has begun to happen in my lungs. My airways are more open and I have higher levels of oxygen saturation.”

– Name withheld for privacy