321 Reset



This process is a great meditation exercise that brings in mindfulness, bilateral stimulation for left/right brain coherence and that self-hug which creates dopamine, oxytocin, serotonin and endorphins in the brain which then steeps your cells in this biochemistry.

3) Breathe slowly and deeply 3 times.

2) Cross both arms in self-hug (you can tap or rub to increase feelings of nurturing).

1) One minute of quiet, inner stillness. If it’s helpful, recite a word (“gratitude”, “compassion”, etc.), visualize a candle flame, see the blue right above the wick or watch it gently flicker; focus your attention on the breathe going in and out of your nose or your lungs expanding and contracting.


5 Minute Recording of 321 Reset




Best Thing 2





Before falling asleep each night create positive thoughts and emotions.

The mind can’t tell the difference between what is real and what is imagined, that is why every Olympic athlete does Mental Rehearsal everyday. [CLICK HERE for research on using visualization and mental rehearsal techniques.]

Instead of ruminating on all the things that didn’t go right during your day/week/year, use one or two of the following meditation exercises to fall asleep to.

So as you fall asleep, go through the 3-2-1 Reset process, Heart Coherence meditation or visualize your future self having achieved your goal.

Create oxytocin serotonin dopamine and the feeling state of caring, compassion and gratitude as you fall asleep. This way you’re steeping your body and mind in the chemistry of success and happiness for 8 hours instead of that chatter box of your critical inner voice. You have the power, the ability and the right to create the life you want.

You have the power, the ability and the right to create the life you want.




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