Autoimmune Disease

Autoimmune Diseases


Autoimmune Diseases Are In Many Ways Like Allergies

Hypnotherapy has shown to be very successful in helping patients resolve allergy issues. And autoimmune diseases are in many ways like allergies. In fact, some scientists say that an Autoimmune Disease is like “an allergy on the inside”.

Allergies involve an unacceptable immune response toward something external to our body, such as food, a bee, or material.

An autoimmune disease involves an unacceptable immune response toward something within the body itself.

With an allergy, something external to our body causes an abnormal reaction in our immune system. With an autoimmune disease, something within our body causes an abnormal reaction in our immune system, in essence, causing our immune system to fight the body itself.

Our thoughts have a major impact on how our body feels.

In fact, our thoughts can regulate how our bodies feel. We are in control of our thoughts, therefore, the implication is that we can control the way our body feels. But sometimes, we need help in doing that.

Sometimes we get stuck in a thought pattern that leaves our body feeling unwell, unhealthy, and in discomfort. Hypnotherapy can help get us unstuck, begin to use different parts of our minds to think differently, change the way our body responds, and help us feel act, and behave in ways that are more healthful and helpful.

Hypnotherapy Is Extremely Effective In Relieving Pain.

Pain perception really has two parts. First is the sensation of something uncomfortable happening to a part of our body, and second is our reaction to this information.

Pain is important. We don’t want to get rid of it because it lets us know that there is damage being done to our bodies. It helps us protect that part of our body and warns us to get away from the thing that’s hurting our body. So we need pain.

But what about when the pain becomes chronic, is with us for a long time? It’s already done its job of warning us, we’ve probably already treated it or protected that body part from the harmful stimulus, so we no longer need it to warn us. Maybe we’ll still need a slight discomfort to remind us to not overdo things, but we certainly no longer need the pain. This is where Hypnotherapy can help.

Were you ever so engrossed in a movie or book that you didn’t hear the phone ring or someone say something to you? That’s being in a trance state. Did you ever go into a movie or start reading a book with a headache and get so engrossed that you forgot your head hurt? Or, did you ever think so much about your headache that it seemed like it was going to explode? That is a prime example of how our thoughts control how our body responds.

Using relaxation and focused concentration to change the way we think and to change our thoughts about the way we feel, can help us gain more control over pain and get our body to feel more comfortable. Hypnosis is a state of deep relaxation which helps the mind focus allowing the unconscious mind to become responsive to suggestions. You don’t have to try to respond, it just happens, just as pain just happens.

In your state of relaxation and focused attention, the Hypnotherapist can give your unconscious mind the information, suggestions, and tools it needs to become more comfortable and relieve the pain.


Autoimmune Diseases


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