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Chandler Hypnosis

“Hypnotherapy with Craig Meriwether has been revelatory and inspiring. Craig embodies his professional role with integrity, trustworthiness and keen listening skills. His ability to grab moments as they arise from the subconscious with creative insight helps deepen our exploration in sometimes profound and astonishing ways. The journey with Craig has been and continues to be both transformative and healing for me.”

Ken Hosie – Google Review


Hypnosis In The Treatment of Anxiety
National Institutes for Health (NIH)

“Hypnotherapy and training in self-hypnosis can help persons achieve remarkable success in alleviating anxiety, not only in anxiety disorders, but also in any problem involving anxiety.

“The author describes the role of hypnosis in the treatment of several disorders and provides clinical examples illustrating treatment of generalized anxiety, phobias, and post-traumatic stress disorders.

“He concludes that because hypnosis exploits the intimate connection between mind and body, it provides relief through improved self-regulation and also beneficially affects cognition and the experience of self-mastery.”


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