Class Notes

Class Notes


What’s wonderful about these exercises is they will create the foundation on which you will build in the life you want. These exercises build and strengthen the neural-pathways for gratitude, patience, love, wonder, joy, happiness, feeling whole and connected, and these new ways of thinking and feeling create healthier mental and emotional habits which then inform the spiritual habits.


Also, awareness is key. Before you start, measure your level of anxiety, fear or other negative emotion from 0-10. Use one of the techniques below and then measure again. And don’t stop because you got the negative emotion level down from an 8 to a 3 and you now feel better. Keep practicing till it’s at zero.


Maybe there is one technique that you love and that is all you need, or try using multiple techniques, starting with one and moving to another and see if it helps strengthen the healing and transformation work. Start with deep breathing, then move to 321 Reset, and end with the Waterfall visualization. Or stack the techniques by doing them at the same time. Example: while deep breathing and using the EFT finger technique visualize healing light moving through your body.

Step into the role of a researcher and experiment with different techniques all the while measuring your results (0-10) so you can see which technique or combination of techniques works the best and fastest for you.


Deep Diaphragmatic Breathing

As you breathe in deeply be aware of your abdomen rising and falling and the bottom half of your lungs expanding and contracting.

  • Exhale for an 8 count
  • Inhale for a count of 6
  • Hold for a count of 4

See different colors, green as breathing in, blue as you hold, orange on exhale, etc

Or going from light blue to dark blue on the inhale and dark blue to light blue on exhale

Or see top of hour glass filling up with sand or a color on inhale (defying gravity) and then seeing sand or color fill up bottom of hour glass on exhale

Or maybe you hear sounds or music as you exhale and inhale

Whatever works best for you to become mindful so you can increase even more your feeling of relaxation, calm and peace


Waterfall Recording

Listen to this recording as often as possible. You can also take out the various healing modalities and use them as their own 5 minutes healing techniques:

  • Waterfall washing away all the stress and tension down into the pool
  • Breathing out the “black smoke” of tension and anxiety
  • Moving the healing water/energy/light from the waterfall into you and through you

So, close your eyes, breathe in slowly and gently 3 times, visualize one of the techniques, count yourself out. 5 minutes.



3-2-1 Reset

This is a wonderful meditation exercise that brings in mindfulness, bilateral stimulation for left/right brain coherence and that self-hug which creates dopamine, oxytocin, serotonin and endorphins chemistry in the brain which then steeps your cells within your skin covered petri dish.

Breathe slowly and deeply 3 times. Cross arms in self-hug (you can tap or rub to increase feelings of nurturing). Add affirmation (example: day by day in every way I am getting better and better). You can then move into Heart Coherence meditation.



Heart Coherence Meditation

This link will take you to a webpage with all the research and science behind the Heart/Brain Coherence meditation (and also some recordings). 

Practice the Heart Coherence Meditation once a day, pick one or two of the suggestions to recite multiple times after you’ve gone into the feeling state of gratitude



Falling Asleep with Positive Thoughts

Also, before falling asleep each night create positive thoughts and emotions. Maybe do 321 Reset and/or the Heart Coherence meditation and then visualize your future-self having achieved your goal. This way you’re steeping your body and mind in the chemistry of success and happiness for 8 hours instead of that chatter box of your critical inner voice. You have the power, the ability and the right to create the life you want. And I wonder how much better you’ll sleep and how renewed, rejuvenated and energized you’ll be when you wake up in the morning when you fall asleep using this empowering process for falling asleep?

Power Question

Ask your subconscious mind a question that you would like an answer to as you’re falling asleep, maybe even write it out before you turn off the lights. Put yourself in a resourceful state with 321 Reset or Heart Coherence and then ask the question you want your Reticular Activating System to work on.


Daily Writing Exercise

To practice and reinforce this new state of being, everyday write out:

  • 3 things you’re grateful for (increasing your gratitude)
  • 3 things you like about yourself (increasing your self-esteem and worthiness)
  • 3 things you do well (increasing your confidence)

** Each day find 3 different things for each subject (don’t repeat)

Also write out power questions:

Ask “How…” questions so you’re reticular activating system starts looking for the answer

  • How can I become smarter than I was yesterday with ease, fun and joy?
  • How can I create more success and prosperity in my life easily and quickly?
  • How can I feel more love and joy in my life today?


Jin Shin Jyutsu

This wellness technique from Japan has many different processes associated with it, not unlike Traditional Chinese Medicine you may be familiar with. We worked with the very simple finger holding technique which is a gentle form of acupressure therapy.

In Jin Shin Jyutsu each finger is associated with pathways of energy that are connected to different aspects of the entire being, as well as, each finger represents one of the five key emotional categories:

1. The Thumb is related to anxiety, nervousness, and worry.

2. The Index finger is related to fear.

3. The Middle finger is related to anger, resentment, rage as well as fatigue.

4. The Ring finger is related to depression and sadness.

5. The Pinky finger is related to stress and self-esteem issues. The pinky also help increase confidence and optimism

Emotions and feelings are like waves of energy moving through the body, mind and spirit. With strong or overwhelming feelings, energy can become blocked or repressed, resulting in pain or congestion in the body. Holding each finger while breathing deeply can bring emotional and physical release and healing.

•  Hold each finger with the opposite hand 2-5 minutes.

•  You can work with either/or both hands.

•  You can also hold the center of the palm, by folding your hands, or placing them together or holding a few fingers in the center.

•  Focus on those fingers which most feel like they are ‘asking’ for it.

•  Breathe in deeply; recognize and acknowledge the strong or upsetting feelings or emotions you hold inside yourself.

•  Breathe out slowly and let go.

•  Imagine the feelings draining out your finger into the earth.

•  Breathe in a sense of harmony, strength and healing. And breathe out slowly, releasing past feelings and problems.

Often as you hold each finger, you can feel a pulsing sensation as the energy and feelings move and become balanced.

The finger holds are a very helpful tool to use in daily life. In difficult or challenging situations, where anger or anxiety arise, the fingers may be held to bring peace, focus and calm so that the appropriate response or action may be taken. The practice may also be done as a meditation with music, or used before going to sleep to release the problems of the day and to bring deep relaxation to body, mind and spirit. This technique can be used anywhere, anytime.  


Qi Gong

If you’ve heard of Tai Chi, this exercise technique is the foundation of that. I like Lee Holden and do his training videos multiple times a week. These basic stretches and easy-to-do exercises help relieve pain, stiffness and chronic tension caused by poor posture, inactivity, or repetitive motion. And I find it to be a wonderful mindfulness movement meditation as the exercises are so easy I can really let my mind go and relax while flowing with movement.

I’ve been using the videos of Qi Gong master Lee Holden for many years as I like the way he explains how this Chinese healing system works.


If you’re interested you can find more information about Qi Gong at his website which is

  • Lee Holden’s Youtube Channel

There are lots of free trainings at his YouTube channel to start with (and of course you can explore many other Qi Gong teachers on Youtube as well)

  • The Great Courses – 12 Qi Gong Video Training

Lee Holden’s Qi Gong for Better Health and Wellness, a 12-video training series, can be found at Keep your eye on this package as it often goes on sale, sometimes for only $49 (regularly $234.95). To View The Better Health & Wellness Training Package

  • Qi Gong Shaking for Stress Relief with Lee Holden



EFT / Tapping

Using your fingers to tap on points around the face, collar bone, wrists and hands to simulate the energy meridians of the body, the same meridians used in acupuncture.

There are many, many websites and Youtube videos about EFT if you want to go even deeper into this technique. The first two links below are to Mike Mandel who is a master of hypnotherapy, neuro linguistic programming (NLP), and EFT.


•  Mike Mandel Video – How to Cure Fibromyalgia using EFT

5-minute video of Mike Mandel talking about how he used EFT to cure his own fibromyalgia


•  Mike Mandel Podcast – deeper discussion on energy therapy and how it works

Podcast #93: How to use Energetic Therapy

He starts talking about EFT at 3:07


•  EFT Tutorial PDF

I also attached an EFT Tutorial PDF of a chapter from a book I wrote some years ago about EFT and the science behind it. While it details the longer, more “original” version of EFT it’s best to use the version that feels most comfortable and healing to you.


•  EFT Finger Tapping with Krista Hurley


•  Acupressure Point for Pain – (2:30 minutes in)

In this short video Qigong master Lee Holden talks about activating the acupressure point for pain. We actually talked about it briefly when discussing EFT, the acupressure point by the thumb and index finger. While this short video is mostly about Qigong at about the 2:30 point he starts talking about the acupressure point for pain. 


• Tapping Solution by Nick Ortner

In this book, you’ll not only learn how to start tapping, you’ll also get the history and cutting-edge science behind it. Featuring step-by-step instructions, exercises, and diagrams, The Tapping Solution shows you how to tap on a variety of issues and identify practical applications.




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