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What is Hypnotherapy and How Can it Help You?

Hypnotherapy is an alternative therapy used to help people overcome mental and emotional issues. It can be used to treat a wide range of issues, from anxiety and depression to addiction and phobias. Hypnotherapy works by putting the patient into a relaxed state, allowing them to access their subconscious mind in order to make positive changes in their life.

By using hypnotherapy, people can gain insight into their thought patterns and behaviors, as well as find new ways of dealing with difficult situations. Hypnotherapy has been shown to be effective in helping people overcome many different types of issues and it can be used as an adjunct treatment along with traditional therapies such as cognitive behavioral therapy or medication.


“I’ve been seeing Craig Meriwether now for a couple months. I initially looked up this type of therapy for the sake of research as a student of psychology. However, from the very first visit, my experience was profound and life changing.

“I was skeptical about my ability to be hypnotized, but because I was open to the experience and process, I was able to experience deep regression. We started out light and worked our way to more in depth sessions.

“Initially my goal was to experience that which people in my research on past life regression therapy, were experiencing. Which is having a regression into a past life. I’ve only just scratched the surface of this experience and though the one I had was not as vivid as I’d liked it to be, it was still profound in the revelations that were revealed. My experience in this particular past life was apparently being blocked by my past self. That’s a story for another time.

“However, I was able to see my former self in a past life in India somewhere in the northwest countryside. I was bathing in a river, when I first witnessed images. When moving to the significant parts of that life, I witnessed myself as a powerful healer. And in another significant incident in that life, I saw even felt myself in childbirth. There were complications. This is the part my former self had blocked my future selves from being able to witness. It’s a long story I have a some psychic abilities that are a part of my heritage through bloodlines. Anyhow, from what I was able to see I had done something which was taboo in using my ability. For which I was put to death by drowning.

“I know it sounds crazy. But there’s a lot behind that story which I cannot speak on, but validates this experience. However, what I can speak on, is the effectiveness of this therapy in the reduction even elimination of anxiety, self doubt, and negative or maladaptive behavior.

“Anger was one of the issues I initially wanted to tackle, and the difference from my behavior in that aspect today compared to a few months ago prior to my therapy with Meriwether, is like night and day.

“I was always an angry person inside. In spite of on the outside being calm and polite. Deeply rooted anger persisted especially in certain triggering areas. If anyone especially posed a threat to me or my loved ones in anyway, I would become a totally different and far scarier person. I hated that part of myself.

“The first few sessions with Meriwether, was about releasing any anger within and cause for such anger within. My first session I remember visually seeing this release of dark energy exiting my body and spirit through my pores. Being absorbed by this external light which after encompassed me. That light changed me in ways I can only describe as a fundamental transformation in my nature.

“This effectively reduced the anger within me significantly. To the point, that recently I was in a conflict with my best friends daughter. In which she threatened me with physical harm. I refused to submit to violence and didn’t even cuss at her. Not even after she took a pipe to my car. Scratching it up and busting out my back windshield.

“I didn’t even press charges against her. For I understand she’s mentally ill. It’s not her fault and pressing charges would have exasperated her unstable state of mind. Regardless, the point is, prior to my regression therapy, I would’ve reacted far more aggressively. Perhaps even violently.

“Thus, I have Craig Meriwether’s work with regression therapy sessions to thank for my behavioral improvement. Honestly it couldn’t have come at a better time, as I’m about to transfer to UC Davis for med school in the fall. Reduction in anger and not reacting aggressively to even a warranted situation, is what is allowing me to proceed with my future goal in becoming a doctor of psychology myself.

“I cannot thank Craig enough for his help. Honestly I owe him a great debt of gratitude for saving me from myself. God bless you Craig! I look forward to our next session.”

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Thank you so much Prayer! As you’ve experienced you can produce profound and life changing healing by tapping into the power of your own subconscious mind. Whether emotional issues or physical issues there is power within you to heal. And it works so perfectly well whether in-person sessions or virtual sessions over Zoom with flagstaff hypnosis.




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Flagstaff Hypnosis Services, flagstaff hypnotherapy, flagstaff hypnosis, hypnosis, hypnotherapy, relaxed, anxiety, stress, hypnosis for anxiety, hypnotherapy in flagstaff, hypnosis in flagstaff



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