Four Short Words To Get Ahead

“Four short words sum up what has lifted
most successful individuals above the crowd:
a little bit more.

“They did all that was expected of them and a little bit more.”

Lou Vickery
Author of Notes From God.

So Now What?

So how do you rise to the top and stand a head above the crowd in any field or customer relationship? Do more than what is expected. Let’s talk about the typical j.o.b.

Most employers pay just enough to keep people from quitting.

Most employees do just enough to keep from getting fired.

This last bit of information is your ticket to success. Do you realize how easy it is to stand out from all the clock-watching, internet-surfing whiners at work?

With that in mind, even if you have a non-fulfilling job, go above and beyond. Do it with grace, enthusiasm, a smile on your face, and not one complaint from your mouth. And don’t fall into the “it’s not my job” BS either.

Do you think somebody is just going to hand you a cool position with creativity and control if you can’t handle the mailroom?

Do a little bit more than the rest and you will be noticed, maybe not by the company you are with, but the best way to advance your career is through networking and if people know you as an above-and-beyond-enthusiastic-go-getter you will rise to the top.

Do more than what is expected and your reputation will precede you into greatness.

You So Have What It Takes.

Stay Amazing!!!


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