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I know it’s hard—deciding to finally take care of that health issue which has been sitting unaddressed for so long. ⁣

You keep telling yourself “I really will take care of this… just as soon as I have more time/money/energy/motivation/…” ⁣

I bet from time to time you might even beat yourself up a bit for “not doing a better job” of taking care of yourself. ⁣

I understand. Choosing to heal can be scary (after all, that’s what we’re really talking about here right?). You’re not sure where the road will lead, what you will uncover, or even if you’ve got what it takes to see it through. ⁣

So you put it off. ⁣
And put it off… ⁣
And put it off… ⁣
Until one day you can’t put it off any longer. Now you *have to* take care of it, and a part of you shamefully wishes you’d just dealt with it sooner. ⁣

Well dear friend I’m here to remind you that you’re not alone in this. ⁣

I want to remind you that you’re not the only one shaming yourself for not being more… (insert personal criticism here). ⁣

I want to remind you that you’re overlooking a very important fact—a game changer… ⁣

You are designed to heal. ⁣

Your body, your mind, your spirit… it all came into this world not only able to heal but constantly pushing and fighting to do so! ⁣

Your health is not an obligation nor a chore. It is a built-in gift, which once opened will guide itself using a unique and amazing set of systems and codes that nature has embedded in your very biology ⁣

Yes, I know it can be a daunting to take that first step to heal but maybe you’re looking in the wrong place.
Maybe instead of focusing on how difficult it is to start the journey you need to set your sights upon the finish line. ⁣

Think about how good you’ll feel when you are finally free of your pain and dis-ease. ⁣

Consider how freeing it will be to live a life where the worry about “fixing yourself” no longer occupies space in your thoughts. ⁣

Imagine a life where tending to your ailment is no longer something to do, but something you’ve already done. ⁣

You deserve that.
Dear love, you deserve to heal. ⁣

By Tegan Moore, ND
WheelHouse Health and Wellbeing