Hypnosis for Sleep

Hypnosis for Sleep



Get the rest you need to be alert and awake throughout the day with hypnosis for sleep.

Experience a customized approach to helping you resolve those old unwanted sleep patterns.

“When people find out I teach a class about the happiness they usually ask for the Cliff Notes version. What are my top 10 tips or top 5? However, Some people even go straight to the point: what’s one thing I can change in order to be happier?

“When my Yale students ask me this my answer is always the same – get some sleep.

“Having a solid eight hours of sleep is the foundation on which all the other happiness habits rest.Moreover If you’re exhausted, you aren’t going to make progress on any of the happiness topics in this class.”

Dr. Laurie Santos
Cognitive Scientist and Professor of Psychology at Yale University
Director of Yale’s Comparative Cognition Laboratory

Her course Psychology and the Good Life became the most popular course in Yale’s history, with approximately one-fourth of Yale’s undergraduates enrolled

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What’s keeping you up at night?

A good night’s rest is important for almost every goal one could wish to achieve. Do you want to make a good impression at that job interview? However, do you need to stay alert and make the best of your workday? What about getting the most out of your health and exercise? Do you just want to feel better?

When we don’t get enough rest, our minds and body do not work to the best of their abilities. Establishing good sleep strategies is often the best way to begin to relieve the stress of a restless night.

The most common advice remains true: reduce your caffeine intake in the afternoon and evening, eliminate nicotine, avoid daily naps, and treat the bedroom as a place to relax and unwind. 

There are some who turn to an alcoholic drink or two in order to unwind and get to sleep, though it’s a bit of a misconception how helpful the beverage may be in helping create a restful night. Alcohol may help some people fall asleep faster, though it can attribute to a lesser quality of sleep.

Exercise is important to build a healthy body and mind, and it actually can help produce deeper sleep at night, though it can act as a stimulant when done too close to bedtime.

Should you find yourself awake in the middle of the night, a good tip is to do your best to not fully engage the conscious mind. Have you ever found yourself repeatedly checking the time to do the math to see how many hours of sleep you’ll get if you were to immediately fall asleep? That mental math can wake you up even further. Experiment with setting your alarm clock and turning it to face the wall.

Stress, anger, and anxious feelings make it a challenge to sleep soundly. Finding better strategies to manage your thoughts can really help you set the previous day aside and rest soundly for tomorrow. If your mind is racing with worrisome thoughts, remember the old quote that “Worry can be like paying interest on a debt that may never come due.” If the thought is something that truly needs attention, consider writing the thought down and leaving it in a room other than the bedroom.

It can also be very helpful to develop better ways of relaxing. This provides a more efficient way to intentionally calm the mind, remove stress from the body, and prepare for a great night’s rest. Helpful strategies may include deep breathing, systematically relaxing away stress and tension, or using self-hypnosis to associate with a peaceful, relaxing place. We see many clients at our office who wish to improve their sleep patterns, though it’s helpful to understand that hypnosis is not a state of sleep. Hypnosis is a process in which the mind is more alert and receptive to positive suggestions, insight, and release of negative feelings. The process can create a profound state of relaxation which can then be connected to the moment your head hits the pillow, improving your ability to sleep soundly through the night.

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