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The placebo effect is a well-accepted example of how the mind can positively affect the body and tap into the body’s innate ability to heal itself.

These free experiential online-video sessions will show people how you can activate the body’s natural healing ability and strengthen your immune system by utilizing the tools and technology of clinical hypnotherapy, one of the fastest growing fields that facilitates and promotes human change and improvement, and enhances control, over perceptions such as pain, anxiety, habits, and stress.

The objective of hypnotherapy is to help patients unlock “the most powerful pharmacy of all: our own nervous systems.”


You see we don’t choose between a program and no program.
We choose between a conscious program and an unconscious program.

If you’re not consciously working your program,
You’re being worked by your unconscious program.

Come learn about and experience the power of your subconscious to reach your next level.

Hypnosis is a tool for breaking cognitive and emotional cycles, and retraining the mind to create health and well-being.

The key to hypnosis is in the way it works with the connection between a person’s subconscious thoughts, emotions, and beliefs, and his or her autonomic nervous system.

Negative subconscious beliefs, self-defeating thoughts, deeply ingrained negative emotions, and unhealthy behaviors affects your digestion, respiration, sleep cycles, endocrine and reproductive function.

Hypnotherapy activates your natural healing process. It mobilizes the subconscious mind (the body’s autonomic nervous system) to do the healing. Hypnotherapy doesn’t do the healing, it is a technique that actives your own natural healing potential.

Through using deep therapeutic relaxation, Hypnotherapy moves the body out of the fight or flight stress response and into the healing relaxation response. The hypnotherapist then adds positive healing suggestions and instructions for the subconscious mind to respond to.

Hypnotherapy gives transformative and empowering access into your subconscious mind to remove limiting beliefs that keep you from health and well-being.

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“I found that many complaints – smoking, overeating, test anxiety, public speaking phobia, and chronic physical pain – responded more dramatically to hypnosis than to other forms of psychotherapy I was using.”

Dr. Deirdre Barrett, Ph.D., Psychologist
Faculty at Harvard Medical School


“Hypnotherapy is one of the fastest growing fields that facilitates and promotes human change, improvement, and achievement, allowing people to reach their full potential.

“Whether you are trying to overcome an old problem, habit, or behavior or simply want to grow to a new level of personal achievement (such as improving your academic or athletic performance), hypnotherapy can very possibly help when all else has failed.

Jane E. Brody
Reporting for The New York Times


“I’ve recommended hypnotherapy to help ease chronic pain, lessen the side effects of chemotherapy, alleviate symptoms of autoimmune disease, and counteract anxiety and sleep disorders.

“Hypnotherapy can also be used to improve performance skills, as a form of analgesia or sedation for medical and dental procedures – even to stop hemorrhaging in accident victims.

“In general, I believe that no condition is out of bounds for trying hypnotherapy on.

Dr. Andrew Weil, M.D.
Clinical Professor of Medicine
Director Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine at the
University of Arizona College of Medicine



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