Jim Thorpe, 2 Gold Medals and Mismatched Shoes

Jim Thorpe


The Story of Jim Thorpe his Olympic gold medals and his mismatched shoes …

Jim Thorpe was the first Native American to win a gold medal for the United States in the Olympics. Jim won two Olympic gold medals for track and field in the summer of 1912 (one for the pentathlon and one for decathlon). He went on to play American football, professional baseball and basketball.

This photo is of Jim on the day he won those gold medals. You can see in the photo that he is wearing different socks and shoes. This isn’t because he was trying to make a fashion statement. It was because his shoes were stolen on the morning of his events. Not to be deterred, Jim found two different shoes in a garbage can, the pair that he’s wearing in the photo. One of the shoes was too big, so he had to wear an extra sock. The other looks too small. It was wear these mismatched, ill fitting shoes that Jim won two gold medals that day.

Jim’s success is a reminder that even when life isn’t fair it isn’t how loudly we can complain about it, it’s all about how you’re going to move forward?

You may be dealing with bad news from the doctor, broken relationship, failed business, stolen shoes. The decision you make about how to move forward can create massive success!

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