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With ever increasing improvements in connectivity, it is now simple and effective for clients to have their hypnotherapy sessions in the comfort of their own home.

Zoom Video Conferencing ( is a cutting edge video communication software which is ideal for hypnotherapy sessions. Now time, distance, or mobility need no longer prevent you receiving one-on-one live hypnotherapy sessions.

Sessions over Zoom work the same way as if you were in my office having a face-to-face session. We only need to see and hear each other for the therapy to be effective.

Virtual hypnosis sessions online are just as effective as in-office hypnosis sessions, and have the benefit of ease of scheduling regardless of location, and the convenience and comfort staying at home or at your office.

The majority of hypnosis sessions can easily be done online.  To find out if online hypnosis is right for your goal, contact me to schedule a free phone consultation and let me know you are interested in an online hypnotherapy session. 


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Are you concerned that by doing a session remotely, you could be missing out on something?

As stated above, the use of remote hypnotherapy via Zoom is just as effective as an in-person session (some have even had better overall experiences due to the fact that they are in their own comfort zones at home).

Consider this: hypnosis is all about focused listening & relaxation; physical touch is not a necessary part of a hypnosis session. 

As long as you are able get comfortable, feel safe and hear my voice, that’s all that’s needed to have a successful, transformative experience!


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What do you need for online hypnotherapy sessions?

  1. A reliable internet and wi-fi connection.
  2. Zoom video conferencing account. Free to sign up.
  3. You can use a desktop computer, laptop or tablet. Please ensure your device is connected to power for the session. It also needs to be positioned where you can see and hear your therapist clearly and so that your therapist can see and hear you.
  4. Headphones are optional. Most people are happy to use the built in microphone and audio on your computer.
  5. All your other devices need to be switched off or placed out of the room so as not to distract you.
  6. A quiet comfortable room where you will not be disturbed or distracted. It is recommended you leave your pets outside the room.
  7. A comfortable chair which ideally can be reclined to relax back in and a support to slightly elevate your feet where you can relax and where your face is visible during the session. Alternatively a sofa or a bed can work too.
  8. A pillow and a light blanket (optional), glass of water, box of tissues.

What can be easier than getting the help you need from the comfort of your own home?

Take advantage of this amazing ability to connect anywhere in the world and get the assistance you are looking for. With hypnosis sessions online you can reach your goals and make great progress.



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Therapy via online video conferencing, or telemedicine, is flourishing with services becoming available to people that are home-bound or simply prefer to save the travel and waiting time.

 Hypnosis sessions online are an efficient and effective way to access this healing work.


A small 2014 study found that teens who were counseled over the phone for obsessive compulsive disorder found just as much success in treatment as their peers who met therapists face-to-face. And more recently, researchers in South Carolina found that veterans who experience post-traumatic stress disorder respond just as well to therapy over videoconference to treatment received in office.

A small study from 2008 assessed 128 adults experiencing bulimia nervosa. The results were similar: Adults counseled by trained therapists via telemedicine were able to stop disordered eating habits just as much as the adults who were treated in person.

“There are a number of studies looking at telemedicine for different kinds of disorders and they tend to be amazingly effective,” Mary Ann Dutton, professor and vice chair for research in the department of psychology at Georgetown University Medical Center.

For research on therapy via online video conferencing you can read this article from Huffington Post by CLICKING HERE.



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    Craig Meriwether CHT-CMS practices Integral Hypnotherapy in Phoenix, Flagstaff, Tucson, Prescott and Sedona. Integral Hypnotherapy the adaptive, client-centered and collaborative approach to healing. Craig is a trained Clinical Hypnotherapist and a Certified Medical Support Specialist having completed 500 hours of classroom style education in this comprehensive methodology at the prestigious Hypnotherapy Academy of America, North America’s premier hypnotherapy training institute, taught by leading experts in the field and physicians.

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