Overactive Bladder Syndrome

Overactive Bladder Syndrome


33 million Americans, or one-tenth of the population, suffer from Overactive Bladder Syndrome (OAB) which causes a sudden urge to urinate and frequent urination. However, the urge may be difficult to stop, be really inconvenient, and may lead to accidents.

If you have been diagnosed with overactive bladder syndrome you may feel embarrassed, and isolate yourself. Moreover or limit your social life or your work. You may need to plan your outings around bathroom availability.

Whether you are dealing with frequent urination, incontinence, or overactive bladder syndrome hypnotherapy may very well help when all else has failed.


Overactive Bladder Syndrome


Hypnotherapy or Medications: A Randomized Trial in Urgency Urinary Incontinent
American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology

A 4-year, 3-million dollar study funded by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and conducted at the University of New Mexico Hospital utilizing hypnotherapy was a great success.

This study’s purpose was to determine if hypnotherapy is, or is not, inferior to drug therapy in the treatment of Overactive Bladder/Urinary Urgency. Therefore part of what makes this such a significant research study is that it involved 152 patients – a significant sample of the population. Also unique to this study is that it tested hypnotherapy against the current standard treatment (drug therapy.)

Researchers used an 8-session hypnotherapy protocol created by leading experts in medical hypnosis. The results were very positive, indicating that in 8 sessions patients using the Medical Hypnotherapy Protocol for OBS had similar results as the patients using medication alone.

Preliminary trend lines show that the patients receiving hypnotherapy had equivalent results to drug therapy without side effects.

In those patients who were moderately to highly responsive to hypnosis,
the one-year follow-up showed superior results to drug therapy.

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Medical Hypnotherapy


The Healing Overactive Bladder Hypnotherapy Program

  • 8 scientifically proven hypnotherapy sessions averaging 90 minutes each
    (12-hours of hypnosis:)
  • 5 personalized mp3 recordings (approximately 1-hour of recordings)   
  • Self-Hypnosis training
    (self-hypnosis is a life-long skill, applicable to achieving other goals)

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    Behavioral Therapy vs Hypnotherapy
    In Treatment  of Overactive Bladder Syndrome

    An earlier study by the same researchers gathered data to compare hypnotherapy to an already proven standard treatment, behavioral therapy.

    Conclusion: Both groups showed improvement with treatment. however, the hypnotherapy group showed significantly higher scores in the effective relief of symptoms and improvement in quality of life, than the behavior therapy group.

    The hypnotherapy group had an overall improvement of 67% (in only three sessions), while the behavioral therapy group only 42% improvement.

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