Practice 5-minutes a day to set up a habit

As kids go back to school, it’s a great reminder to re-evaluate your own routines and habits. Are they working for you or are they counter to what you REALLY want?
Recent research from the University College of London shows that it takes about 66 days to create a habit within the mind, brain and body.
With hypnotherapy, you can use the power of your subconscious mind to create and install the instructions for the new habit and then reinforce that habit, allowing the brain to create new neural network to lock it down.
To help create a new habit, here’s a simple 5 minute formula you can practice daily to add a positive new habit. (To remove a bad habit other strategies are needed. Call or email me and we can talk about it.)
Find a new habit to add to your schedule, it’s better to start with small steps first. Then, where does it fit into your routine?

The key is repetition. Here’s the formula to setting up a new habit:

1. Know what habit you want. 
2. Where does it fit in your day/routine?
3. Imagine going through your day as if you are doing the new habit. Visualize waking up, going through the process, noticing where the new habit fits and imagine it as if you do it, going through your whole day.
4. Repeat the visiualization process 5-8 times. 

Anything we repeat, the brain turns it to habit. Even if we imagine it, the brain records it in its files and this then becomes a reminder. Keep in mind, this formula is good for adding a new habit, not quitting an already established habit. 

The real key is that our automatic mind is already running habits, patterns and programs, and so in order to update an existing habit like smoking or overeating, we also have to update the unconscious ( automatic mind).

Unless you address the “hook” of the old habit, the Unconscious Mind will continue to run it. The Unconscious Mind has its reasons. 

Hypnosis can update the unconscious or automatic mind and change even deeply ingrained habits, but also the habits of what we think and feel. 

Yes, we have emotional habits like anxiety or depression.

What are the effects of your habits? Are your habits inline with what you REALLY want? 

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