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Whether You’ve smoked for 1 year or 35 years, NOW is the perfect time to stop!

Join me for a FREE 60-minute Introductory workshop on using hypnotherapy to quit smoking.

This workshop will utilize the tools and technology of clinical hypnotherapy, one of the fastest growing fields that facilitates and promotes human change, improvement, and achievement, allowing people to reach their tree potential.

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Are you tried of smoking but you just can’t shake that nasty habit that is interfering with your health?

Do you feel like you just can’t shake that nasty habit that is interfering with your life?

Or do you feel like there’s another level life you’re destined for, but it always seems just out of grasp?

Then hypnotherapy can very well help when all else has failed.



Smoking is a habit that gets really ingrained in the subconscious mind, plus the body is use to and is craving the chemical reaction your body goes through due to the ingestion of tobacco.

Neuroscientist tell us that conscious mind makes up only about 3% of mind and that the subconscious makes up 97% of mind! The subconscious likes automation and habits for efficiency (pumping the heart, digestion, walking, driving a car). Triggers, cravings and pleasure created by smoking, they’re all rooted in the subconscious and are automatic habits as well. And that’s why so many traditional smoking cessation plans fail but why hypnotherapy works so well.


Hypnotherapy is a great tool for breaking cognitive and emotional cycles and retraining the mind to create health and well-being because it deals exclusively with the subconscious.

Hypnosis is just a natural state of deep relaxation, not unlike meditation, savasana at the end of a yoga class, or daydreaming out the window during math class back in high school. And that relaxed mental state allows you to access the subconscious mind and remove the mental and emotional blocks that keep you from success, healing, and reaching your goals.

The most important element in successfully smoking cessation (or chewing tobacco cessation) is the determination and readiness of the individual. You need to be clear that you want to stop for yourself, not for your doctor, your partner or anyone else. There needs to be a commitment to using the tools you will be learning to make this important health and lifestyle change.


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YES! In a 2001 study conducted by the University Of Washington School Of Medicine, 43 patients underwent hypnotherapy to stop smoking. 39 of the 43 patients remained abstinent from tobacco use at the follow up of 6 months and then again at the 3 year mark. That’s a 90.6% success rate!

Because depression has been linked to quitting smoking, some studies have found that hypnosis has been particularly effective in managing smoking addiction if positive suggestions about the person’s well-being are built into the therapeutic process.

Why is hypnosis more effective than other methods of smoking cessation? Hypnosis is one of the many non-pharmalogical treatments for you to stop smoking. If you have tried to quit smoking and failed before you might have tried patches, gum or even electronic cigarettes. The main reason why these things are often ineffective is because they focus primarily on addressing the physical cravings for nicotine or simply to replace the hand to mouth fixation. Hypnosis works by dealing with the mental aspects that influence the smoking ritual.

What Do The Experts Say:

“The University of Washington School of Medicine reported a 90.6% success rate for smoking cessation for 6 months to 3 years after hypnosis.”

University of Washington School of Medicine
Depts. of Anesthesiology and Rehabilitation Medicine

“I found that many complaints – smoking, overeating, test anxiety, public speaking phobia, and chronic physical pain – responded more dramatically to hypnosis than to other forms of psychotherapy I was using.”

Dr. Deirdre Barrett, Ph.D., Psychologist
Faculty at Harvard Medical School

“Hypnotherapy is one of the fastest growing fields that facilitates and promotes human change improvement, and achievement, allowing people to reach their full potential.

“Whether you are trying to overcome an old problem, habit, or behavior or simply want to grow to a new level of personal achievement (such as improving your academic or athletic performance), hypnotherapy can very possibly help when all else has failed.

Jane E. Brody
Reporting for The New York Times




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    Most peoples smoking addition is deeply rooted in the mind. In my experience, few adults pick up smoking in adulthood. When habits are formed in childhood and adolescence they become part of your identity. As adults, many try to quit smoking, unsuccessfully. This is a demonstration of the power of the sub-conscious mind to continually re-enforce behavior it feels is “helpful”, while rejecting overwhelming and constant evidence to the contrary. The sub-conscious mind simply overpowers attempts by the conscious mind of regaining control.

    I work to understand you as a person. Our hypnotherapy sessions are designed to give you freedom from the habit of smoking and support you in the process. This hypnotherapy program doesn’t just “take your cigarettes away” and leave you to deal with the “feelings” that keep reminding you to smoke again. This healing program allows you time to eliminate the factors that have caused you to continue smoking in the past, and then be successful as a non-smoker for life.


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    “My mother had breast cancer. I, of all people, should not smoke… I quit before and then I found an easy way to start again – I picked one up.” After she stopped smoking using hypnosis with behavioral scientist and hypnotherapist Paul William McKenna she told him, “You’ve helped me tremendously and probably saved my life, definitely changed my life.”




    90.6% Success Rate for Smoking Cessation Using Hypnosis
    “Freedom from smoking: Integrating hypnotic methods and rapid smoking to facilitate smoking cessation”
    International Journal of Clinical and Experimental Hypnosis

    A study at the University of Washington School of Medicine found that of 43 consecutive patients undergoing this treatment protocol, 39 reported remaining abstinents from tobacco use at 6 month follow-up and 3 year follow up. This represents a 90.6% success rate using hypnosis.

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    American College of Chest Physicians finds hypnosis to be the most effective way to quit smoking

    “Our results showed that hypnotherapy resulted in higher quit rates compared with nicotine replacement therapy alone. Hypnotherapy appears to be quite effective and a good modality to incorporate into a smoking cessation program after hospital discharge.”

    Smoking patients who participated in one hypnotherapy session were more likely to be nonsmokers at 6 months compared with patients using nicotine replacement therapy alone or patients who quit “cold turkey.” In simple language, this means that hypnosis, when used as a stand-alone modality, is at least as effective as a combination hypnosis/nicotine replacement combination, and more than three times as effective as nicotine replacement when NR has used alone without hypnosis.

    American College of Chest Physicians
    “Hypnotherapy For Smoking Cessation Sees Strong Results.”
    ScienceDaily, 24 October 2007

    CLICK HERE To Read The Abstract

    87% Reported Abstinence From Tobacco Use With Hypnosis
    Psychological Reports

    A field study of 93 male and 93 female Community Mental Health Center outpatients examined the facilitation of smoking cessation by using hypnosis. At 3-month follow-up, 86% of the men and 87% of the women reported continued abstinence from the use of tobacco using hypnosis.

    CLICK HERE To Read The Abstract

    Hypnosis Patients Twice as Likely to Remain Smoke-Free after Two Years
    “Guided health imagery for smoking cessation and long-term abstinence ”
    Journal of Nursing Scholarship

    At 24-months after the intervention, smoking abstinence rates were significantly higher for the guided health imagery intervention group (26% abstinence rate versus 12% abstinence rate for the placebo-control group).   Conclusions: Guided imagery was an effective intervention for long-term smoking cessation and abstinence in adult smokers.

    CLICK HERE To Read The Abstract

    Hypnosis Is The Most Effective Way of Giving Up Smoking
    “A Meta-Analytic Comparison of the Effectiveness of Smoking Cessation Methods”
    Journal of Applied Psychology

    3 Times as Effective as Patch and 15 Times as Effective as Willpower 

    Hypnosis is the most effective way of giving up smoking, according to the largest ever scientific comparison of ways of breaking the habit. A University of Iowa analysis reviewing the findings of more than 600 studies involving 72,000 patients in the United States and Europe found that hypnosis was three times more effective than the nicotine patch and 15 times more effective than willpower to quit smoking.

    CLICK HERE To Read The New Scientist Article

    *individual results may vary




    The health benefits of quitting smoking can help most of the major parts of your body, from your brain to your DNA.


    Broken Addiction Cycle
    Quitting smoking can re-wire your brain and help break the cycle of addiction. The large number of nicotine receptors in your brain will return to normal levels after about a month of being quit.

    Head and Face

    Sharp Hearing
    Quitting smoking will keep your hearing sharp. Remember, even mild hearing loss can cause problems (like not hearing directions correctly and doing a task wrong).

    Better Vision
    Stopping smoking will improve your night vision and help preserve your overall vision by stopping the damage that smoking does to your eyes.

    Healthier Teeth and Gums
    Researchers say smokers are up to six times more likely to develop gum disease than nonsmokers because smoking dampens the body’s immune system and makes it harder for it to fight back against the disease.

    Clear Skin
    Quitting smoking is better than anti-aging lotion. Quitting can help clear up blemishes and protect your skin from premature aging and wrinkling.


    Decreased Heart Risks
    Smoking is the leading cause of heart attacks and heart disease. But many of these heart risks can be reversed simply by quitting smoking. Quitting can lower your blood pressure and heart rate almost immediately. Your risk of a heart attack declines within 24 hours.

    Thin Blood
    Another effect of quitting smoking is that your blood will become thinner and less likely to form dangerous blood clots. Your heart will also have less work to do, because it will be able to move the blood around your body more easily.

    Lower Cholesterol
    Quitting smoking will not get rid of the fatty deposits that are already there. But it will lower the levels of cholesterol and fats circulating in your blood, which will help to slow the buildup of new fatty deposits in your arteries.


    Stop Lung Damage
    Scarring of the lungs is not reversible. That is why it is important to quit smoking before you do permanent damage to your lungs. Within two weeks of quitting, you might notice it’s easier to walk up the stairs because you may be less short of breath. Don’t wait until later; quit today!

    Prevent Emphysema
    There is no cure for emphysema. But quitting when you are young, before you have done years of damage to the delicate air sacs in your lungs, will help protect you from developing emphysema later.

    Return of Cilia
    Cilia start to regrow and regain normal function very quickly after you quit smoking. They are one of the first things in your body to heal. People sometimes notice that they cough more than usual when they first quit smoking. This is a sign that the cilia are coming back to life. But you’re more likely to fight off colds and infections when you’re cilia are working properly.


    Lower Cancer Risk
    Quitting smoking will prevent new DNA damage from happening and can even help repair the damage that has already been done. Quitting smoking immediately is the best way to lower your risk of getting cancer.

    Stomach and Hormones

    Reduce Belly Fat
    Quitting smoking will reduce your belly fat and lower your risk of diabetes. If you already have diabetes, quitting can help you keep your blood sugar levels in check.

    Normal Estrogen Levels
    If you’re a woman, your estrogen levels will gradually return to normal after you quit smoking. And if you hope to have children someday, quitting smoking right now will increase your chances of a healthy pregnancy in the future.

    Erectile Dysfunction

    Sexual Healing
    If you quit smoking now, you can lower your chances of erectile dysfunction and improve your chances of having a healthy sexual life.

    Blood and the Immune System

    Normal White Blood Cell Count
    When you quit smoking, your body will begin to heal from the injuries that smoking caused. Eventually, your white blood cell counts will return to normal and will no longer be on the defensive.

    Proper Healing
    Quitting smoking will improve blood flow to wounds, allowing important nutrients, minerals, and oxygen to reach the wound and help it heal properly.

    Stronger Immune System
    When you quit smoking, your immune system is no longer exposed to tar and nicotine. It will become stronger, and you will be less likely to get sick.

    Muscles and Bones

    Strong Muscles
    Quitting smoking will help increase the availability of oxygen in your blood, and your muscles will become stronger and healthier.

    Stronger Bones
    Quitting smoking can reduce your risk of fractures, both now and later in life. Keep your bones strong and healthy by quitting now.



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