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A long review shortened: I highly recommended Craig; he’s knowledgeable, calm, genuinely cares, professional, deeply enthusiastic and passionate about what he does, and always willing to answer any questions you may have about the work or session.

If I could give more than 5 stars, I would.

So, let’s get into the actual review. Some context: I’ve been in therapy for quite some time now in order to deal with a variety of issues that had been negatively affecting my life. Talk therapy helped, but at some point awhile ago I hit a block. Anything that fell under the umbrella of ‘sit on this couch and talk’ was no longer helping, and so I stopped.

(Bonus: I graduated with a degree in psychology and worked as a research assistant in a cognition/memory lab for several years, so I can get annoying as a client because I *know* when it’s not working, they’re pushing something that isn’t helpful, or I don’t think the research behind it is sound.)

A quick search online, and I discovered Craig. Sure, why not? I’m in quarantine, I’m on leave from work, I can have these appointments from the comfort of my home, let’s do this. I sent an email requesting a phone consultation, and then spent the rest of the night researching the science behind hypnotherapy. Just the phone consultation itself was surprising. I could pick up immediately that Craig was someone who was deeply invested and passionate about the work that he did, and very willing and happy to share his knowledge and answer any questions.

I scheduled my first session soon after. First session came around. I went into it extremely nervous. Was it going to work? Was I going to feel comfortable and safe enough to relax enough to be guided into a hypnotic state? So on and so forth. We discussed what it was I wanted to work on, some phrasing and action steps, and then gave it a trial run where we went through several methods to see what worked best to allow me to access the state needed. It was brilliant.

That appointment ended with me feeling bright and energized. Within the next two weeks, I noticed that my behavior and thinking had drastically been altered and the problem wasn’t so much of a problem anymore.

A second appointment was scheduled. This time it was a past life regression. Whether one believes it to be real or mere metaphor is irrelevant. The point being, it took me to the root of an issue I thought I had dealt with long ago. Turns out I hadn’t, but clearing that past life brought release and closure that was desperately needed.

Best of all, it wasn’t someone telling me what they thought I needed to do based off of their understanding of the issue. Everything came from me, from some deeper part of me that already knew what needed to be done to heal.

I’ll be continuing to work with Craig for as long as needed to clear out these deeper-rooted issues. It was certainly a stroke of luck that I came across him and decided to give it a try. Past life regression and hypnotherapy was definitely an experience – a tiring one! – but very revealing, and far more helpful than six+ years of cognitive behavioral therapy have been. So thank you, Craig, for being the facilitator and allowing me to access my inner wisdom and higher self.

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