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The Subconscious Mind Is In Control

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These recordings involve deep relaxation to bring the body into a balanced state, releasing tension, stress and anxiety. This deep relaxation helps to quiet the conscious mind, and frees up the subconscious mind to receive new, empowering ideas and information more easily.

Through using deep therapeutic relaxation, Hypnotherapy moves the body out of the fight or flight stress response and into the healing relaxation response. The hypnotherapist then adds positive healing suggestions and instructions for the subconscious mind to respond to.

Until we learn how to access the subconscious directly, lasting changes to your programming cannot be made quickly or easily.

However, hypnotherapy doesn’t give you control over anything you’ve never had control over. Hypnotherapy simply gives you a way of accessing what you’ve always had control over and never took the time to access or train. You’ve always had the ability to access your subconscious mind, to take responsibility for your emotions, actions and beliefs, but you’ve never had the training to do it.

Hypnotherapy activates your natural healing process. It mobilizes the subconscious mind (the autonomic nervous system) to do the healing. Hypnotherapy doesn’t do the healing, it is a technique that actives your own natural healing potential.

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Hypnotherapy Recording Instructions:

Never use a hypnotherapy recording in a moving auto or while doing other things, because each session is structured to generate a dreamy state of consciousness.

  1. Make yourself comfortable lying down or sitting up.
  2. Listen at a time that you won’t be interrupted.
  3. Take two or three minutes to unwind by breathing deeply.
  4. Start the recording, close your eyes and follow Craig’s instructions. 
  5. Vividly imagine the situations he describes.

Instructions To Download MP3s To Your Computer

Press Play Button
When You See The Audio Player
Hold Down Command Key and Press “S” Key

Right click on Play Button
Then click “Save Link As…”
When new window opens make sure save type is “MP3 Format Sound”


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Affirmation & Suggestion Recording Instructions

Since these recordings only contain the positive affirmations and suggestions for strengthening your immune system, and do not contain any inductions for a relaxed or trance state of mind you can listen as background around the house or work, just like having music on. Even if you’re not consciously listening to the recordings your subconscious mind is hearing the positive affirmations and suggestions.

Put the mp3 on repeat and listen throughout the day.





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